How to wear white


There are several elements to consider before wearing white. Here are a few to ponder.
1. Personal Colouring The best way to ascertain which is your right white is by having a personal colour session. There is a white for everyone! If you have cool skin then its best to wear a bright “clear” white (with no yellow undertone). If you have warmer skin then its best to wear white in a softer version. I call this white “silk” white or “cloud” white. Kookai makes a white called “vanilla” white and its terrific for people with warmer skin. It will make the world of difference. You can see in the photo below how different the whites are and how it complements the wearer.

2. Body Shape
If you are pear shaped or full figured then ultimately you should wear darker colours below your waist to create a slimming effect. However there are ways to get around it.

  1. Wear the white bottoms with a top in a vibrant colour to draw the attention up towards your face. Also consider a colourful necklace that can achieve the same effect
  2. The pant or skirt should be in a firm sturdy fabric and not voluminous
  3. Remember the eye will go to wherever you put colour change in your outfit so to avoid people looking at your widest part ie your hips/bottom wear a top or jacket that covers this area of your body. Blazers are huge this season and would certainly help in this department.

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