5 key differences between image consultants and fashion stylists


You may have watched fashion programmes laden with opinions and analysis on fashion. Perhaps Joan Rivers and her “Fashion Police” show spring to mind or closer home, Lilian Muli and and her panel on #Fashionwatch on Citizen TV (I still wonder what Ian does on that show) have graced your screens. I like Lilian’s show by the way only if to wake us up from our style slumber, and maybe by saying that she will invite me to her show one day.
Whatever your views are concerning these shows, I think its important to distinguish between an image consultant and a fashion stylist because they play different roles. Maybe then, you will stop wondering why panelists with “weird” hair are advising people on image.

1. Fundamentally an image consultant equips you with knowledge on your personal style and what suits you based on laid out standards. This is so that you can independently make good choices by yourself in future. A fashion consultant on the other hand will typically “hold your hand” through events, phases, careers (especially artists), mostly at an advisory role.
2. An image consultant deals with broader matters that may affect your perception e.g international business protocol, effective communication, business presentation and dining etiquette whereas a fashion consultant will stick to trends, couture, designers and shows.
3. Anyone with an eye for fashion can become a fashion stylist while an image consultant has to be trained on the guiding principles of image so as to be able to explain to their clients the difference choices they have to make.
4. An image consultant typically deals with real people moving them from one level of style and brand to an optimum while a fashion stylist will sometimes create a persona and build it for a purpose e.g editorial shoots, cover photos, live shows etc.
5. Finally, Image Consultants show off people, rather than clothing or makeup. When a person is successfully assisted by an Image Consultant, you see the person first and not their outfit. Image consultants typically promote you, the person as a brand whereas the fashion stylist is mostly concerned with uniting you as a person with the current trends in the industry . Whatever it is, both do a good job.

Who influences your wardrobe?

Who influences your wardrobe?

If you are still having difficulty telling them apart, I will jog your memory. Remember when Vera Sidika was discussing her Christian Louboutin shoes? well she also mentioned that she would like to open a store and dress Nairobi girls. And she is NOT an image consultant

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