Our Approach

My one to one individual consultations are designed to be taken at a pace that suits you. It’s a big thing to make the decision to change your look whether it’s colour, style, your wardrobe or shopping you need help with, booking individual consultations gives you more control over your budget and how quickly you want your new look to develop.

Ready to improve your image? Follow these three steps:


STEP ONE: Identify the area in which you are seeking improvement


If you are …


Seeking a promotion

A recent grad entering a first-time career

Wanting to close more sales

Re-entering the workforce after a hiatus

Struggling to find a professional wardrobe you love

Looking to stand out from your competition


We can help!




If you are …

Facing weight challenges

A new mom with a new body to adapt to

Overcoming an illness

Not sure how to dress your body

Lacking a personal style

Wanting to feel more comfortable in your own skin


We can help!



If you are …

Newly single and ready to mingle

Seeking to communicate more effectively

Not sure what makes you most likable

Certain your image is impacting your relationship

Seeking to be a better networker

Wanting to look your very best for your partner


We can help!


Step 2 : consulting session

We will review  your current status vis a vis the results you want to achieve and chart a road map.

Step 3: Interactive solution session